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Originally Posted by someguy_99 View Post
elitist point of view, not capitalistic view. You sir seem confused since your job is better and you follow the job description all the time you do no more, no less. This really isnt about the tips its about the choice of unearned vs earned wage. Do you believe you should be paid less if you do less work? Do you think you should get a bonus during the holidays? (you would like one but are you entitled?)
Since you are superior you got two cars parked on your driveway, your brandnew mustang 5.0 cali edition sparkling and the bmw gleaming next to it. You order a pizza 4am biggest one they got. Within 15-30mins you get this massive sized pizza which two ppl had to deliver it to your door. DO YOU TIP? LETS say pizza was 24something. DO YOU TIP ?
You forgot to mention my 88 F150 also in the driveway. And none of the vehicles are clean right now.

Um, yes, I certainly believe that if a person does less work, they should be paid less. Do you think otherwise?

I've never gotten a holiday bonus, but I've been paid overtime for working on holidays. I do the job that I get paid for, and get paid for the work I do. Somehow that's a bad thing to expect from other people?

All the pizza places around me are close at 4 am, and having a regular day job with a schedule, I'm sleeping at that time.

But on the off chance that there were a delivery place open at 4am, and on the off chance that I've for some reason ordered a pizza that requires two people to deliver at 4am, that arrives at my house somewhere between 15 and 30 minutes after I've ordered it, I may tip, based on the overall level of satisfaction. But am I automatically going to throw them money for doing their jobs? Nope.
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