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Originally Posted by Caden View Post
I have 2 Pirelli P6 tires 245-40x18 on the rear axel. I just got 2 Falken Ziex-512 for the front axel measuring 225-40x18. So you think this doesn't have much to do with the lights? More of a chance they messed something up?
Before the front was Nexen N3000 of the same dimensions on the front. And as I've said I ran it for six months with no lights at all.
You would have done better to put 245/35s on the back. This would make the front and rear about 1/4-inch different in diameter. The 245/40 is 3/4-inch different, but it is larger so you should be within the margins allowed.

Yes, for the thrid day now, the chance that the tire store disturbed something is very high. It should not be a big deal to them to pull the tires to inspect. The right rear houses a speed sensor and a wear sensor.

Aren't we talking about checking the level of the Brake Fluid somewhere in this post, or is that another one? If the yellow light for the brakes turns red when the parking brake handle is pulled, then the yellow light means the fluid is low. I thought we covered this already.
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