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Originally Posted by Confisk8d131 View Post
Lol I can get the same functions in a google Nexus 7 Tablet for $199 instead of your 1K price tag....
I have a Nexus 7, why didn't I, or anyone else who has a Dynavin or Enco system think of that!? might be for a handful of reasons..

1) you don't have a way to integrate FM radio into it, much less an automotive grade FM receiver.
2) It doesn't support BT Sink (A2DP and BT calling)
3) USB/expandable storage. only one way to get info in and out of the device.
4) External additions, such as a powerful GPS antenna.
5) How do you plan on powering the cars speakers? only way to get audio out of the device is through the headphone jack, which only does stereo sound.
6) what do you do about temp? cabin temps in my area (Phoenix, AZ) can eclipse 150 degrees during the summer in short order. and i know from personal experience pretty much any tablet you have (accidentally tested with Nexus 7, Galaxy Tab 7, LG G slate, Asus Transformer series, Kindle Fire) that they'll experience thermal shutdown long before cabin temps hit 150 degrees.

And probably a handful of issues escaping me right now. The point is if it was as easy as just grabbing a random 7" tablet off the shelf, shove it in and expect it to function as a complete stereo replacement i would be presenting that as an option right now. but i've already searched high and low for a tablet i can either disassemble and use for parts for this project or use as is, and i haven't found anything. if you have something though, let me know.

Originally Posted by Bateau View Post
Here's a project to help you with wheel buttons - http://forums.bimmerforums.com/forum...php?p=25101888.
AWESOME! I'm primarily a Mechanical Engineer, but i'll see what if i can put him in touch with my Electrical and Software guy to see if something better can be built for this, and other Android based systems.
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