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I know this kind of sounds a little bit out there but would this be an even possible idea. Could I skip the bypass module by dismantling a key, insert the blade into the ignition with it turned to the on position, somehow wire whatever wire that connects that to ews? To a push button start so that it' the button that dictates whether the car is on/accessory, or ignition/kill swithc?
That wouldn't work. If you dismantle the key, you take the transpoder pellet out of the key, and then the transponder ring would not get the rf signal, so the EWS would not engage, and thus we end up with a no crank situation. I'm not 100% sure what circuits the EWS disables. I know that it disables the starting circuit. But a lot of times, factory transponder systems disable one or more circuits; starter, fuel, ignition, etc.. What I'm trying to get at is this; if I knew that the EWS only disabled the starter system, then yes, we could disable it (bypass it) without a bypass module. HOWEVER, that is a big risk to run.

You would essentially be making your vehicle susceptible to being hot wired, the old school way. So even if the EWS only disabled the starter circuit, I would NOT recommend going that route. All you would have to do is this. Use the 556uw transponder bypass with a second programmed key and don't cut the key, or disassemble that key and only put the tranponder pellet side in the 556uw case. You still have the protection of the EWS since the 556uw is only activated by the rfid system (which is essentially your key), and second, even if a thief somehow got inside your 556uw and pulled out that key, it would be uncut or incomplete. So he'd be SOL. The 556uw is less than $20 and super easy to wire up. I mean super easy.
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