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I agree with everything everyone has said and I thank you for your in put.

A guy in Portland on this forum has seen it. He told me it looks pretty clean runs well. Nothing special about the m3 besides that fact it's a m3.

I'm not sure what's going on with the car yet.

I am going to have a ppi done.

The reason I offered that is because I just spent 10k on upgrades to my cummins. I have 2k that's it right now.

He asked me if I was interested and I said all I have is 2k. So that's how it got to that price range.

I told him if he's really looking for a quick sale then that's what I have.

I looked at prices around here and most see from 14-25k so that's how I came up with selling it quick for anything below that price range even with a salvage title on it.

Like most people said it a BMW m3 most people don't care if its a salvage they just would like a m3.
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