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Originally Posted by paulieb View Post
Yeah my mechanic! its grey smoke at random times and sometimes real bad. coolant is fine, he is not worried about the head gasket and also changed the manafold air breather! he said its a seal problem but im just wondering if i might get away with just doing the seals and not the rings???
Grey smoke? Normally blue-ish if you are burning oil. I get grey smoke out of mine certain mornings. When there's a chill in the air and its damp so maybe its and atmospheric pressure, moisture thing. And I use about a litre of oil every 1500 miles. I do know there's nothing wrong with my engine though. Sweet as sugar. So 55K doesn't seem like a lot. Certainly if the car had been properly maintained and driven with consideration I wouldn't expect to be changing anything as extreme as rings. But you can write an engine off in a few miles if you try hard enough. Certainly within 55K if you treat it like crap and ignore its needs. So its down to history really. I wouldn't necessarily assume oil consumption means problems either. There are a couple of threads on here about oil consumption concerns and many commentators cite a litre or so every 1000-1500 miles. In fact, that sort of consumption is to spec on some models. Mercs too. Cyclone valve replacement?
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