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Originally Posted by Xcelratr View Post
You lack integrity because you're a liar. You're bragging about what you can get for yourself by lying, and at the same time you're whining about merchants not adhering to their agreements. You claim to be "enforcing them playing by the rules" but yet you lie without a second thought.
I am lying only if they don't play by the rules. If you want to try and enforce something that it against the rules - fair enough - I'll play the same game.

Going after my integrity when none of this would of happened if it were an honest merchant. That's like calling me a bully and violent after you spit on me. - I'm not, I'm just enforcing.

Originally Posted by Xcelratr View Post

So you're absolutely correct, you're the pot calling the kettle black. Excellent analogy.

........... got it backwards there champ.

You merchants try to take it as me "screwing you out of money" which I don't understand. If you want to take cards, you will accept debit cards with no minimum purchase per the agreement you signed.

Don't hate the player, hate the game.

If you don't like the rules, simply go to cash only. Lots of cabbies do this, no food stand is taking a card, there are plenty of places that are cash only.

Knowing the rules and asking you to abide by them I don't feel is really an unreasonable request. If you don't like the cost of doing business, either call VISA and b!tch, or don't take cards.

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