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Never underestimate the power of bureaucracy to torpedo common sense.

On one hand, I understand that there needs to be a permitting process and so on for this kind of stuff.

If the guy did a half ass job, cut corners, created a dangerous situation, that's not good for the community, and the liability to the city is very real. For example, if there were oil drums on the site and his clean up crew drained the drums into the soil before hauling them away, that's a problem. And since it's city property, it's a city problem. If some youngin' plays on the new structures and falls and cracks his head open, the city will certainly be named in the zillion dollar lawsuit because it was their land and they failed to make sure it was safe.

The city also has to be wary of setting a precedent. If they pat this guy on the back or even look the other way because the end result is nice, they open themselves up to not being able to come down on the next person that takes a similar action, even if that person's results aren't as favorable or popular.

But the city HAS to be able to take a step back, evaluate what this guy has done, and (if it's as good as it's been portrayed) find a way to accept that an improvement has been made without setting themselves up for future problems.
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