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Originally Posted by DILLA View Post
Driving from school tonight I hit a pothole at about 40mph, it was dark and I couldn't see it, stopped because the car started to pull to the right and I was sure I bent the rim or had a flat or both. tire and rim are fine, but the car pulls hard to the right, and the car makes a loud THUD THUD THUD THUD sound the gets quicker with speed of the car. It's dark and I have 3 tests tomorrow so I have no time to look at it at the moment, but I am just wanting some opinions on what to look for. Wheel bearing? Tie end rod? ball joint? The thuds increase as speed increases which makes me think the bearing blew out. Car is pretty much undrivable the shuddering is so bad. Luckily I only had to drive a block back to my place. Thanks in advance.
You can't just look at the tire and say its ok. You may have split the steel wiring inside the tire and if the split bit is on top when you look at the tire you wont see anything. But you would feel it when rolling every time the split bit hits the road because there would be no strength in that part of the tire. Take the front wheel and swap it with one of the rear wheels and see if the noise follows it. Don't go nuts. It might blow and then you could be in the crapper. Good place to start. You got a spare?

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