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Originally Posted by dmax View Post
Was wondering how I got in this thread...should have known!

Mango, my car is nothing like that at all. Oh sure, it's a stock '99 328i in Fern Green Metallic (386, I think, though there were two formulations of Fern Green), but I can see he didn't add center shoulder belt in rear...and he's going to ruin the look with that M3 bumper...but we'll let him slide for now.

Oh, I also have style 42s...16" of bmw beauty...much nicer than those other wheels, don't you agree?

Don't worry...I take care of those with my same skin're among friends (there are 3 of us with Fern Green)!
Whoa! the last time you said those words, you got kicked out of OT. You should know better by now take it easy!

Yeah you're right. I should've spotted this other variation of Fern Green Metallic.

How did you know you were in this thread? are you searching the forums now for your username? hmmm
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