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Originally Posted by LeMansteve View Post
Update: I swapped the front wheels and runflat tires with 2 from a set I have in storage. The tires on that set are fairly new, non-runflat summer tires. They were mounted and balanced on to repaired M68 wheels (bent rim from a pothole), then put directly into storage about 3 months ago.

The vibration between 60-70mph is 90% gone, but I am still getting some intermittent mild vibration at around 70-75mph.
The thing with the front end assembly on all cars is that everything wears at the same time but not at the same rate. The rubber components usually wear faster than the metal ones because they suffer from environmental factors as well as load factors. The properties of the rubber deteriorates and they become less able to cope with the run time forces. When the FCABs deteriorate the rest of the components are free to move considerably more than they should and suffer additional stresses and strains due to the change in geometry under load conditions so wear rate increases on everything, including the tyres which are an important part of the geometry. So replacing the FCABs is the first step to restoring the nomonal design geometry. An alignment might be able to complete the restoration of geometry and eleminate the wobble you are experiencing but you have to understand that, if track rod ends and other moving components are worn, nominal design geometry might not be achievable until they are replaced. Wobble is normally associated with geometry issues. Vibration is more likely to be wheel balancing. It is easy to confuse the two though.

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