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Thanks, but I already have the 3.38. I asked about the compatibility with my car and I'm having some issues with the supplier, getting them to understand what I have.

Question 1
Hi, do you have the LSD for the BMW E46 with a 3.38 ratio? I would like to know price and availability of 1 unit, with shipping to Cyprus if possible!

Basically this unit:http://www.autotech.com/product/wave....html?fromcat= but for a 3.38 ratio

Many thanks,
Paris, what year and model is your car and with what motor in the vehicle, and is the car manual or automatic transmission? Is the 3.38 ratio what you have currently installed from the factory or is it a new ratio that you plan to have installed? With that information I'm sure we can verify which differential would be correct for your car, thanks!


Autotech Sales Staff

Car is a 2001 BMW E46 320ci. It has the M54B22 engine with 5-Speed gearbox. The 3.38 ratio is the factory installed and comes as standard for the 2.2L engine / manual transmission.

Final reply
Paris, it is difficult to determine from the information available to us about the offset of your existing differential to see which one of our Wavetracs would fit--the only difference between the .175WK and the .176WK is the offset of the flange where the final drive would bolt up. That particular motor/final drive combination is not one we have here in North America, so without having the rear end or the stock diff here to examine, it is difficult to say with 100% certainty if your car would accept one or the other.

If you happen to have access to a spare factory differential or rear end identical to your car we may be able to determine which one would fit your car, but other then that it's almost a 50/50 chance of one diff or the other fitting your car. Thanks for that information, sorry it didn't completely solve the question it hand!


Autotech Sales Staff

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