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Originally Posted by Alex323Ci View Post
Sorry but you are incorrect that it should or has to be hot.
You lost your self appointed 4 stars there 'Cooling System General'.

Pressure is all that is needed. Pressure is invisible too.
Pressure is large enough to break any good system, that's why it's monitored and must not go much over each car manufacturers specs. It'll find any crack in the plastic expansion tank.
Actually, Jake appointed me that title.

Nope. i've personally seen and tested cooling systems using a pressure tester where cracked expansion tanks showed no leaks until heat was applied, then you'd see tiny droplets appear at the crack down the tank. Materials expand not only under pressure but when subjected to heat as well. If the crack was tiny enough to not show under pressure, it might expand just enough when heat is applied.

I have no problem with disagreements, but keep the snide remarks to yourself.
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