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Originally Posted by Davedoesskids View Post
Gents I have read this thread from start to finish in about a week!! lol each night I keep going... New to the scene only been in a E46 for a week! It's a 325i face lifted sedan... I plan on doing mods to suspension and guards as I love the stanced / poked look. But I am also on a budget so will need to go in steps. First step is buying wheels. I have my heart set on a set of VMR's from about 20 pages back or so... 19 x 9.5 which offset should I go to get that aggressive look but not be stupid to drive? Yes I plan on running a small stretched wheel and yes I will slam it... all in due time. For now as its my daily without coilovers and camber plates ect will a 33 offset be about right? I would prefer not to run spacers as I have the option to buy new rims and choise what I want!? I have read the whole thread and seen plenty of cars with this exact sizing but unknown if I cna get away with it, without any other mods? Any info would be great! I've loved every minute spent in this thread!

Cheers Dave
I could be wrong but I don't think you'll be able to slam it on 19's and still have poke.

You have to tuck 19's in order to slam it. So you should go for 19x8.5's I think.

If you want poke then you're better off with a smaller size wheel like a 17 or 18.

But I could be wrong
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