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Originally Posted by jdstrickland View Post
You are correct, all BMWs are RWD.

Your offset is a bit lean, you may find that you are rolling the fenders to get the clearance you need.

The general consensus is that you should have asked here before you bought those 19s, I believe you would have been encouraged to get 18s instead.

Visit for the available tires. It looks like you will be spending about $150 - $200 apiece or more for tires. Tirerack will tell you what all of the numbers and letters mean, and you need to know this so you don't put Yugo tires on your BMW. You can get your tire size with a 91H rating, which is okay for an Accord, but not a good enough tire for your BMW. You need to learn what 91H means so you know how to shop around it, or know what it means if you are a price shopper more than a quality shopper. Tires are also rated 320/A/A or 300/B/C or 520/AA/A. You need to know what all of this means because the price will change dramatically and you need to learn why.
Yeah ill have to look into it! too bad i already bought this rims... thanks doe!

Originally Posted by ModBargains View Post
The fitment is a little bit aggressive on the car, but the 19" fitment on the E46 is totally a possible fitment. We have done it many times with great success. Most of the customers would be running a 225/35R19 and 255/30R19 when running staggered and just simply a 225/35R19 if running squared like yourself. The front wheels on this car are 19x8.5 et.35. Here are a few shots! Hope it helps!

Ah, they look nice!

Now would i need fender rolling!?

let me know! thanks
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