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Originally Posted by SeanC View Post
So having a B.S. in physics qualifies you as a "trained scientist". That's funny.

Your post proves nothing. Math is not science. Everybody is free to define it whichever way they want, but in the academia, it is not. Go ask your professors.
They disagreed with you... as did several co-workers.

Originally Posted by SeanC View Post

Not agreed with the bolded statement. Newton's "Principia" did not involve much math. It we didn't have the language of math (sounds like you asked your professors and know that is a language now), we would simply use, wait for it, "English" instead. It would make things a little tougher to "communicate", but we could have definitely done it.

Another example: Einstein was not aware of tensor algebra when he came up with his special/general theories of relativity. He then found that his ideas are better represented with tensor algebra, so he went ahead and used it. See, existence of math was not initially required for our understanding of nature in the case of objects moving with a velocity close to that of light, or in the case of massive objects with masses a few times that of the sun.

Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against math, in fact I love it. In academia, mathematicians are fully aware of that math is a language. Don't know why it is so hard for most people to accept the fact that it is not science. It's not like I'm insulting them or anything, just laying out the truth
I see that you keep pretty much defining science in the sense of pure natural and physical sciences and there is nothing wrong with that as that is how most people definite science, but that simply isn't the case.
I certainly agree that math in large is purely a language and that various other fields of science could have proved/progressed without the use of math. But saying the math isn't a science is just plain incorrect. Both from an academia stand-point and a pure definition standpoint. From an academic view, math is a formal science. From a pure definition, math (in part) is knowledge, as of facts or principles, gained by systematic study.
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