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Originally Posted by TerraPhantm View Post
Edit: I was thinking about it (I misse Sean's earlier post explaining the same realization)- and there's no way the temperatures increase enough to bring the system pressure to 2 bar (let alone 3 bar) if the volume stays constant. In a closed loop (no venting), going from 25C to 95C would increase the pressure by like .2 atm (from 1 atm). So the 2 bar cap must be there mostly to alleviate pressure in the instance that the coolant level rises too high (say when the heater core closes). So I think a 1 bar cap would just make it even safer.
Haha we came to the same conclusion.

Also, another conclusion from my previous conclusion. A 1 bar cap isn't going to do anything in day-to-day operation of your car. If it overheats, though, the engine seals will be less likely to fail (this is a very good thing).

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