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Originally Posted by david05111 View Post
Question about a Form 20 (application to temporarily export or travel with nfa weapons).

One part of the form asks for "mode of transportation." Now, I'm applying for this thing for a year to a friend's place in Virginia. It says I have to provide the name and address of the common carrier if I use one.

How in the hell am I supposed to be able to provide that information? If I don't know precisely when I'll be traveling, how can I tell them what airline I might use. Maybe I'll use Jetblue the first time and Delta the next. That's an absurd question.

I could just put Automobile and be done with it, but I know for a fact that I'll not always want to take the car and might just want to take off for the weekend by plane. Surely there must be some way of satisfying the box without limiting my options that way? I was going to try "Automobile or Commercial Airline to be determined" but I doubt they'll approve that.

If no one has a clue, I guess I'll call the NFA hotline tomorrow and ask about it. Surely there must be some way around this...
I know somebody on the local forum put down "car, personal gyrocopter, or motorscooter"

But another person commented and said they always put and have no problems with:
"Personally Owned Conveyance", is what I normally put.

That way anything for the mode of transportation will be covered (Boat/Vehicle/Motorcycle/Plane/Bicycle/Hiking).
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