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Originally Posted by DILLA View Post
I do have full coverage... but I'm not going to make a claim out of hitting a pothole..
How do I know if it is the control arms? or just the control arm bushings?
You have to look. You cannot tell anything without at least taking the tires off, and then you might not see everything there is to see.

What you really need to put the car on a lift and look at the bottom to see what damage you did. You may or may not see the damage by just taking the tires off, but that it the first thing to do. Since the tires are flat, you gotta take them off to find out why. You will need to take the tires down to the tire shop and put them in a large bucket of water to see if air leaks out of the rims, and where. You can do this test in your swimming pool or your bath tub, but your Mom won't be thrilled at the tire tracks down the hall and your Dad won't enjoy the skid marks on the wall of the pool.

If the rims are broken, either one of them or both, then the odds are very high that you damaged something under the car -- control arms, control arm bushings, stuff like that.
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