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Originally Posted by king kong View Post
I'll probably just make fun of the retardation level of some of them, they'll LOL thinking i'm only joking. i don't know why i feel the need to see them... I'll probably get a few lulz, i'm just wondering @ what cost. kind of curious what she's up to fml...
well, I really like making fun of people/ I do it on the daily. I was driving this mornign to the office. I was at a stoplight and was one my cellphone. some randddom sport bike rider came up next to at the light. he looked in thrroug hthe windshield and saw me on hte phone. He was trying to make fun of me, for being on the phone. Like I care that iti s illegal. I wasn;t driving, or cutting anyone off, or not pay attention.

I arked hte car and put my cell phone down on the passanger seat, got out the car, and tapp the **** on the helmet. I asked him if he was trying to get my phone number , since he seemed liek a huge ghey that liked things vibrating on his asshole. He called me an a44hole. I told him to mind his own fvbbcking business and to stop wasting my time and then I told him to get hit by a bus.

got back in the car, finshied my conversation on hte drive to work.

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Originally Posted by Hedges View Post
I can honestly say that because of Griffin, i am desensitized to alot of wierd stuff!
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