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Originally Posted by Davedoesskids View Post
So I just eagerly read through over 2 years of your life and probably $30 + k and not even 1 photo of your freshly painted car? Videos of the awesome boost you get to hear every time you drive? I dont care at all about your 1/4 mile time or your HP figures... But please! get someone to post some pics or videos of your monster as i feel like im in love... but unsure aswell.. its like talking to a girl on chat with no video for like a few months then finally getting drunk and have ing phone sex or something, then you organise to meet. Problem is once you get there you drive past and throw your choc milk or beer at her or whatever you've got because she looks like a terror. Please with Sugar on top! lets see this passion of yours you have so lovingly built and enjoyed! I want to see the rims... the interior, did you go the race look or kept it sleeper! bah! im going to poop my pants im so excited! haha
thanks man that means a lot, just for you I will take a full video walk around and a quick drive this weekend!
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