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Originally Posted by Commanderwiggin View Post
Do not go Stage 3...get the FIC1100's...pretty much the same thing without the stupid price...and you could add a fuel surge tank from radium with two pumps for the perfect setup. 6766 + OEM Exhaust; Cutout and Open Dump is probably the perfect combination...Sleeves not needed imo. If anyone wants a 4" HPF exhaust with race resonators PM me and we can arrange something
@the OP: Well, there you go. This advice is from someone with a 71mm turbo.
You might want to listen to him. Everything that he says is good advice...the injectors, the surge tank, and the turbo size. I would definitely go this route. It is straight forward, no gismos. The 6766 is a great turbo. It is capable of putting out some serious power. Try the set up. If you STILL need more power on pump plus meth(I dont think you will) you can talk to HPF about turning up the boost. That may or may not gain you anything. That would be something to discuss as a possibility with HPF. Note: You may loose certain warranties if you do that.

Bottom line is that the 6766 is probably the most desirable turbo out there right now in terms of power vs spool time. You might as well go for it.
The OEM exhaust might be just fine for flow. Add a cut out for the track.
The OEM muffler will actually flow big HP, but i personally would get an Agency Power muffler. Discuss all this with HPF. I THINK they will be in agreement. Let us know.

Oh, and unless you plan on becoming a stage 4, the sleeved block is not necessary. HPF standard built block is fine.

Originally Posted by 7to3_enthusiast View Post
Haha, Bdave, you must love the concept of a QSV. You're always the first to bring up the idea. I don't blame you, I'm very curious myself.
I absolutely love the the reality of the QSV, not just the concept. The QSV just plain works..extremely well. Unfortunately HPF has yet to install one on an E46.

Only two outfits have done this: SAAD and SP. It is a very tricky installation involving cutting and re welding an actuator arm because of space constraints.
It also involves a special turbo housing.
I would really like to see HPF install one some day...even on a 6766! That would be something.

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