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Originally Posted by dmax View Post
My window regulator on driver's door was original up until a year or two ago. They're not crappy parts...they're just susceptible to owners who are misinformed, ignorant, dirty, or busy! I think regulators probably fail more because of owners opening windows when they're frozen...or maybe had been closed a long time in the heat and got stuck. Combine that with lack of a preventive and sensual coating of gummi pflege...what do you expect?
Pretty much every BMW since the mid 90s or so has been plagued with window regulator issues. To suggest that parts fail because they needed lubrication (jokingly or otherwise) pretty much confirms they are poorly-designed and/or poorly-made.
...the air in ET (maybe 2 cups of it) is what buffers, cushions, the system. Air compresses much easier than water, you know, but when coolant heats, it expands and needs a place to go. Don't give it the air, it will take out an ET. PV=nRT so temperature and pressure are directly proportional. And pressure is pressure, with or without the air in the system.
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