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well correct me if im wrong...but strut is the full assembly on the front end. but the dampers in the front are still called SHOCKS. as far the caster goes...what the dealer recommended from their experience is to do a $1300 repair on the front shocks and mounts to see if that adjusts the caster since thats what they know from experience causes the caster to be off. they advised me they are not sure but i would need to do section at a time to narrow it down. so its not a sure thing that replacing these front end parts would fix the problem for sure. they are telling me there is no mushrooming on the strut tower but possibly there is damage to the shock mounts and shocks themselves from a impact of some sort from their past experience. so im not gonna just throw money into something even the dealer is not sure explain whats going on, the car will a) vibrate at speeds above 60, b) steering wheel has about half inch of play. c) occasionally alignment will pull towards left unless steering is cocked towards 1oclock position on a straight road and when braking. all the work i did on the front end is mentioned in my first post. so thanks for all your replies
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