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Originally Posted by benzovs View Post
NumbaOneNewb: Do you know if this is a possible fix with the ak90: Lets say the EWS module took a dump on you. When you replace it, would the ak90 be able to program the keys you had programmed on your old EWS? Or would you need all new keys as well as the new EWS? I was just curious.
From the research that I've done, perhaps the few companies out there that exist may be able to repair or refurbish that ews unit. I think my it costs around $700? Don't quote me on that. The other alternative is to purchase matching dme ews keys, locks and have someone code it. Hopefully not bmw because your butt is going to be sore after they done with that a$$.

I'm not saying it's impossible but all my googling has only come up with information claiming a ews goes hand in hand with a dme. No possible way to separate or replace one without the other. I would assume if the company that repairs your ews to allow you to reuse all your keys and not change anything is doing something they're not telling anybody. I would have to assume maybe they remove the mcu chip on the ews and transfer it over to a new unit. If that's all that it requires, a semi skilled person at soldering may accomplish this. I know they can't have access to something that one of us couldn't get a hold of.
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