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Originally Posted by daimler55 View Post
well thanks for replying once far the front end i understand what ur saying...i did replace the flex coupler and sway bar end links on it. tie rods are in good shape i was told EVERYTHING in the front end is tight....what BMW DEALER tech is telling me is they cannot tell me exactly whats causing the caster to be off but just from dealing with cars before most of the time its due to the strut and strut mount being bent...i do have bent rims and i have gotten a wheel balancing done on all four rims. the $1300 job they quote me is to replace the struts and strut mounts. as far as the brakes...i just put on akebonos ceramic pads on the car last week. so my frustration comes from the fact that they told me about the caster out of specs after alignment was done and they cant tell me for sure whats causing the i did go back to them and they are just telling me over n over they cant see what it is exactly but to start with the strut & mounts, if that doesnt do the job, than change something else next
Man, that's a lot of money. Haha. You're looking at about $500 in parts tops, so that must be about $800 in labor, or around 6 or 6.5 hours, right? That may very well be the book time for the job. But FWIW, you can do this yourself with some $30 spring compressors and normal hand tools in 2 hours or so (that's how long it took me last time I did struts on one of these cars). I'm not sure if you have experience working on the car. But $800 is $800.

If you're going to spend $1300 at the dealer, make sure they install the reinforcement plates.

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