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I think I'll take that last comment back. After going through and taking pictures for a DIY (not to mention I have a small issue I'm trying to fix. The keys I wrote to my ews mcu allows me to drive the car fine but for some reason, I get an ews error, dtc 7 or 17, i forgot which. It allows me to lock unlock car but I can't get my clown nose to blink, or car to chirp or set my alarm off. I tried setting my digital multi meter to siren, led and i get power but both ground wires aren't grounding. I'm assuming that the system is set for switched ground when armed), i noticed a mistake I had done during the key coding process (If I'm on to something let's call it blind luck). The ak90 allows you to change the vin and odometer on the ews. I had set it to 0. Now of course my cluster didn't reflect that but the other day I was messing around on pa soft and there's an option for the dme to "set odometer". When I did that, the dme changed to 0. Weird. When I look at my zke module, that too shows as 0 (and oddly the vin is blank). I wonder if I could take a used ews, high mileage or not, set the vin and odometer, and then see if my car would take it. Now I have a better idea. If anybody in the Bay Area has an ews key limit or toast ews that's willing to allow me to experiment, I'll do it for free (more than likely I'd have to drive to you). Get yourself a used ews and I'll see if it'll work. As far as getting a key to work, it may be safer if we had a blank transponder seeing as the ews isn't originally from your car we may avoid unexpected problems. (I'll get back to you on that needing blank transponder thing. If i fix my issue and can successfully change the number of the key that originally came with my car set for #4 at the moment, then the myth and lies bmw has been telling every can be myth busted. Supposedly you can't clone another key and especially clone a key using a key from a different ews, in this case, your old fried ews. All I can say is that I used my old key and changed its key position from 4 to 1 and it started the car right up. What I'm not sure of is if it had anything to do with not allowing me to set my alarm because originally, it did work, we'll, my blank new transponder key did. Now it doesn't either, maybe that's because I changed its position too. Lol. I'll try and change it back to its original key number. I tried changing my old key back to its old position but that didn't solve my issue).
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