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Originally Posted by Act of God View Post
Everyone who is comparing euro prices to America please, just stop. Gas is more or less fungible. It goes for what it is worth. The gas itself costs the same in America or Europe (transportation costs aside). The difference in prices is mostly due to taxes implemented by your governments. The federal government gets 18.4 cents per gallon of regular gas in the US (24.4 per gallon of diesel). On top of that, states add their own gas taxes. On average, state and local taxes add 30.5 cents to gasoline and 29.4 cents to diesel, for a total US average fuel tax of 48.9 cents per gallon for gas and 53.8 cents per gallon for diesel.

The taxes in Europe are much higher. http://goeurope.about.com/od/transpo...gas_prices.htm

Just fyi
Believe me we know its the taxes that make the petrol expensive here. Thatīs of little importance though isnīt it? Itīs still bloody expensive to fill up the car, regardless of where the money ends up.
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