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wSince you're fairly familiar with security systems at least more than I, maybe you could give me some clues as to where to look. I explained a bit about my situation on my ak90 thread. Now after i coded my keys the chirping, clown nose, and turn signals all worked. The first to go was the siren. I'm sure none of this is a fuse issue as well since I tested the lines for power but im not getting a ground, which its because they're switched grounds, i dont think know. It may have happened around the same time I was rewiring electrical connectors in my engine bay that my belt shredded, which I'm not entirely sure I did it the correct way. I mean. They happened to be, from what I assume all ground wires because they (3 or 4 wires) belonged to the same bundle and we're all the same red/white color. I couldn't think of any other logical reason why bmw engineers would bundle 4 wires all the same color in the same bundle when the other wires were all different colors. I tried wiring them separately to each other first and seeing if my car would eventually register them as being correct and after all possible let combination's, i concluded that none of it would provide full connects to all the units in disconnected. Maybe one or 2 units got recognized but for some reason, these 4 wires showed like 8 different disconnected engine functions. Anyways I decided to say screw it and wire them all together, which ended up working. The car liked it. The next to go was clown nose, that was when I was installing the ghetto relay, which I think I might've accidentally touched wires I wasn't supposed to to each other causing a short. Coincidentally, it's part of the security system. Then i get the check engine code saying the sensors, led, and siren are either shorting or disconnected. I saw a wiring diagram of my car showing that they all end up grounding to a common spot but that location is unknown to me. Any idea where this might be? Maybe it's disconnected somehow.
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