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Thanks for posting this!

Looks like I was only 10 bolts and a few extra hose clamps away from removing the manifold when I did my 100k maintenance at the end of last year. I bet replacing all of the hoses underneath it would have been much easier with it out of the way, especially that oil separator BS!

I am about to do my clutch and I've read that it is easier to get to the top transmission bolts by pulling the intake manifold first. Since I have pulled everything except the manifold itself, I wanted to check out a DIY to see how bad it would be...

I am confused though, you say to replace the manifold gaskets, then you say yours were ok. Maybe you just got lucky on this engine? Unfortunately, I failed to order an intake manifold gasket set from my parts supplier. Would a local (autozone, etc) supplier have this set? I am in Memphis, so we have both a BMW stealership and aftermarket parts suppliers, but I try to avoid the stealership at all costs...

Thanks again! I believe I will go ahead and pull the manifold to make the clutch job more easy, like I said, I've already removed everything you listed except for the actual manifold itself. 10 bolts and a few more hose clamps. I should be able to handle that...

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