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Originally Posted by lcoleman View Post
Pretty much every BMW since the mid 90s or so has been plagued with window regulator issues. To suggest that parts fail because they needed lubrication (jokingly or otherwise) pretty much confirms they are poorly-designed and/or poorly-made. PV=nRT so temperature and pressure are directly proportional. And pressure is pressure, with or without the air in the system.
Your last statement is true but misleading. If the system has no air (meaning it is a solid system, all water), then a small increase in temperature can create huge pressures. Water does change density with temperature a little bit. However water hardly changes density with pressure. If you heat a solid system, you will blow it up very quickly. For example, given constant volume, water at 1 atm and 25C heated to 40C will then be at 110 atm pressure. That is insane. i.e. overfilling the cooling system WILL blow up your ET.

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