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Originally Posted by SeanC View Post
The equation you wrote is a special case of the ideal gas law. Not its simplified version. Ideal gas law does NOT have a simplified version.

And it's not steam, but air. Steam won't be produced until you boil your coolant. Do you use steam in your expansion tank to fill it up 100% or just close the cap?

Please refrain from posting stuff that goes over your head
Yeah, you're right aobut the steam. No need to be a dick though. I know this stuff, but I will admit I am a dynamics and kinematics expert, not a theromodynamics expert. You apparently just took Chem 101, though. Also, that equation is "simplified". It is two ideal gas equations combined into its simplified version, eliminating the common constants.

EDIT: You are kind of right about the steam. The air in the ET will be at 100% relative humidity, which may be significant.

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