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Originally Posted by euG! View Post
IMO you're ruining a great car. I had Racelands with Koni STR.T rear struts for a year and went back to ZHP springs with koni yellows. Ride is exceptional and handles way better. If you don't mind a noisy, bumpy, sh*tty & embarrasing ride... Racelands are the way to get that extreme drop. I hated my Racelands and was even too embarrassed to have people ride in my car.
Good summary. You get what you pay for.

Originally Posted by dinan19 View Post
Jesus are they really that bad? So they people that are running them are they just lying to not look like they made a bad purchase but in their in mind they know they ride like garbage? You know what i mean its just idk because half say they are fine and half say they stink
Lmao i dont even know anymore. Well if someone has a used set of something a little more reputable i guess, ill just keep looking in the classifieds.
Most folks are likely buying them just for the drop. Not a problem, unless you actually plan on driving the car over 10mph. About the ride quality, I'm guessing you have 4 types of Rokkor customers. Those that:
1. don't care about ride quality
2. somehow think its normal for a lowered suspension
3. won't acknowledge it sucks, out of pride
4. are completely surprised and take them off the car

Don't cheap out on suspension! Look for name brand stuff (Koni, Bilstein, Sachs, etc). It is a critical component of the car and one of the many outstanding parts of the E46. Buying a $400 coilover kit is the equivalent of walking into the BMW suspension engineer's office and taking a gigantic dump all over his work.
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