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Originally Posted by juice434 View Post
hi Nish,

I have a 318i Individual ..the sound is totally normal nd when i first purchased it i thought excatly the same as you ..however the sound is really only noticeable at first start in the morning ..there after it is much quieter ... ive notioced that switching on my car everymorning and letting it idle for 5 minutes before i drive eradictaes the prob .. on the fuel economy .. im getting very similar to you
Hi I have a 2003 318i A/T with 101000 on it and it does the same. I do not drive much with the car since I ahve a company vehicle but when i go on the road with the family and turn into a fuel station it sounds like a 320d at idle so much so that the attendant nearly put diesel in my tank. I am happy to hear that its normal.
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