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Let's try that again. That equation is not "simplified". You cannot combine two gas equations that "easily". If you do, you'll end up with more unknowns (4) than you have equations (1). The way you wrote it applies to systems where you have 3 of those 4 unknowns beforehand. See my reply to Terra above. I hope it's clear now.
Thanks for explaining basic algebra to me like I'm a 5 year old.

No we have 1 unknown, and that is P2 in my equation. We have P1,T1, and T2 through the use of our coolant sensors and barometric pressure. There is also the assumption of constant volume, which may or may not be poor, depending on how much the water actually expands. This is where you use steam tables to solve for everything (empirically determined numbers with interpolation). I'm not writing a paper here, I thought I could skip that part of showing my work...

Good thoughts, but you need to quantify how much fluid velocity will affect it's temperature, hence its boiling point, in order to convince me. I never said my calculation accounted for everything in this system. It's not comprehensive by any means. I am well aware of a lot of other things that might affect, but I am not an automotive engineer. This is the best I can do with my current knowledge of the matter
I am one.

You're clearly a smart guy, and we both know what the other is talking about. Let's stop arguing semantics. I also see that we both enjoy math which is hilarious. I always find myself making things a bit more complex than they are, just because I want to use my math.

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