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They emailed me back and said I could use plastic washers to fill in the gaps. Kinda ticks me off because the whole reason I bought the kit was because I figured it would be engineered to make it as tight as possible. I had no side to side slop and barely any wear on the stock shifter bushing and it had 92k miles on it. In hindsight I would have went with a OEM bushing.

Once I got back under the car and took it apart again (which was kinda a pain in the a**) I realized there was 2 problems in their design causing the slop.

Problem #1: There are 2 halves to the bushing. They slide in on each side of the arm. The bushings touch in the middle. The part on each bushing that slides into the arm was too long causing each end of the bushing to stick out of the hole. The wider part of the bushing is supposed to be tight up against the shifter arm. Once assembled the arm itself was sliding back and forth on the teflon bushings. I had to grind down some of the material on the parts of the bushing that inserts into the arm to get it to fit tight.

Problem #2: The wider part of the bushing that remains outside the shifter arm was too thin. The whole assembly (shifter arm and bushings together) slid back and forth on the pin that is inserted to hold it all together and act as a pivot point. This is where they suggested I shim it out with washers (Which I already had planned to do anyway so they were of no help at all.). I used the yellow washers I bought for the shift bushing overhaul that are part of the assembly process that I had left over. One washer wasn't quite enough to make it perfect but 2 washers was too many. Believe me I tried to get 2 in there. I wanted one on each side for symmetry because I wasnt sure how things would line up if I used only one. I even tried grinding the washers down a little so they'd both fit but it wasnt happening. I ended up just slipping one washer in there.

It is WAY tighter after grinding down the smaller section of the bushing and fitting the extra yellow washer in there but there is still a very small amount of slop.

Website says "These bushings will remove all of the side to side slop from the shifter rod, improving even the stock shifter." It made it so much worse than stock I couldnt believe it.

I wonder if anyone else has had the same problem, or maybe they just sent me parts that were messed up somehow? When I emailed them they said I received the correct parts and asked me to let them know how I fixed it.
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