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Originally Posted by deafboy View Post
Or it could still be the mobo...

Basing a lot of the features off of mine, probably has quite a few less features but I can't look his board up right now so I am just going to wing it off memory.

The memory he has is supported, so unless it's a faulty dimm or dimm slot, the go button should resolve any memory issue upon power up. But, if it is the memory, the board should still power on and throw a debug led number.

If it's the CPU, there should be a debug led number and not sure if the maximus formula has a cpu light or not, but if it's faulty there would be a red led.

If it's the GPU, should still post, just wouldn't be a pic. But he should still test without the GPU installed, he has the luxury of using onboard video, so use the IGP.

Can boot without a hard drive, not an issue.

The only thing that should be an issue (if it's not the mobo) is the power connections or a faulty psu.

It could also be as simple as him having the power switch on wrong and the lights he's seeing are just the leds showing the board is getting power
My first thought was that i wired it wrong so i just used the on board start button. Like you said no debug led come on and i tried without to gpu and nothing moves i have had problem like the fans start up and then quickly turn off and the the beeps tell me what was wrong. I thought it would be cpu but like you said i thought the mother board would throw up a light indicating that the cpu is bad. I'm going to try another psu but other than that I guess it the mother board. I guess i have been lucky with all my others build I never have received anything DOA. But just so I can be cleared the mother board can get power and light up but be faulty. I just figured that if it was the mother board the whole thing wouldn't work not even the lights.
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