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Originally Posted by Fooljam View Post
Could anyone tell me the role of this orange plug in the middle from the FM/AM amplifier and where it is supposed to plug into.
Originally Posted by zbi701 View Post
Spot on jgold. When you turn on the Radio it power up the FM/AM amp.
The single white wire with brown connector supplies power for the AM/FM portion of the FZV antenna amplifier.

That black wire with the silver connector that is dangling in the image you posted is NOT power as noted on the picture. There is no way in the world an automotive engineer would put power DC power on a piece of what looks like RG-174 coax with an SMB connector. That cable/connector can handle RF up to 3-4GHz. That cable is for diversity and not for power.

I have descriptions of all the wires here if you're interested on my web page

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