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The last post in this thread is from a while ago. I'm new to forums in general, this is the first forum I've ever joined, so please feel free to lemme know if I do anything wrong. With that said:

This is the thread I'm following.

I'm at the point where I remove the cover and cut it and I'm looking for help. Any advice, tips, etc.

*Edit* The last post is from yesterday, was looking at other threads.

*Of great help, would be a better guide as this one is saying refer to the above pic but the above pic is not quite displaying what I think it should be...So with that said, does anyone know of a place near IP28 that would perform this for me? I would rather a professional take on this job than myself screwing up my beautiful beemer and having whistling noises driving or heat leaking...God knows what I'll do to my car haha but if no one replies...I'm a pretty impatient individual and will have a crack at it myself.

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