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Originally Posted by Iceman00 View Post
How do you figure? $1500-2500 for the bike, plus $300 for the training classes, $75 for insurance (for the year) plus the cost of fuel(It uses gas too), at what point do you think he'll break even? Not to mention, he'll still use his car when the weather doesn't permit using a bike.

He's an idiot.
First off I'm in DC at college during the winter so I don't need the car. Only time i'd use the car is when I have to drive multiple people. I would use the ruckus literally every day to drive to work. at 114 mpg I'm pretty sure i'll be saving money, especially since the gas prices are going up and up.

I'm not planning on buying this scooter and having it for a year. I plan on buying it and using it for a long time. It'll always be useful as long as I don't mind driving it when i'm older.

Plus I might be wrong, but the less I drive my bmw the less likely things are going to break on it. So that'll save me money.

I could even bring it to college with me and drive it around here and not have to pay for a parking permit that a car would need
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