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Eafers....IMO, again, this is my opinion would be fine if you drove carefully. You are clamped pretty securely in the front & have (2) 5-6" long rods sticking into the back even without the kit. It weights 60+#'s and shouldn't fly away. Just don't roll it or turn corners too sharp.


I have a full size Z71 Chevy pick up with standard bed and the top didn't fit well in it. It did fit left to right but those long rear anchor rods got in the way at the wheel wells so had to support the rear part on the tail gate with a blanket underneath. I then used a rope to go over the top JUST IN CASE the wind tried to pick it up. I drove easy & kept speed down as I was afraid of it getting wind under it. If I had to do over, I'd put the top on the car & drive careful.

BTW, what are they charging you for painting?
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