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Originally Posted by dabears View Post
Haha thats actually really smart... hope nobody saw you lol.

Looks like this is turning into a food pics thread... I love food so I don't care.

My version of chicken fajitas for PWO meal last night... just a bunch of seasoning (cumin/chili powder/salt/garlic & onion powder/paprika/cayenne pepper)... I've put it in a fajita shell with sour cream, rice, salsa, avacado, shredded cheese and fresh tomatoes before too. Boiled the chicken, favorite way to cook it.

I know there is a food subforum, but I'd definitely have interest in a thread here for sharing solid working out / healthy recipes. I have tons to contribute.
looks good man. It's no issue if anyone saw me lol. I run sh1t. jk I am just known as a diet junky so they'd understand.
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