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Why do people hate us?

As a BMW driver who does NOT cut people off or blow the horn, or take up two parking spaces, and as someone who lets people in in traffic, I'm sick of BMW drivers constantly being portrayed as selfish pricks. I've seen some bad drivers in my time and it never has anything to do with the vehicle being driven. I've been cut off by a GMC Acadia, a Ford Bronco, blocked by a Subaru, and have seen an early 90s Camaro take up two parking spaces in a packed parking lot. But for some reason BMW drivers take all the blame, whether it's a Scene from God Bless America, Breaking Bad, or Southpark.

...and these are just the ones I know about. Laugh if you want, but it's led to people giving me sh!t just for owning a 10-year-old 3 series with over 100,000 miles on the odometer. I worked as a middle school teacher last year and every time one of the other teachers saw me pull up in my '02 330ci it was always some condescending remark like "Oh, look who's in the Bimmer! Someone's rolling in the cash, how did you afford that?" You'd have thought I pulled up in a Ferrari Enzo the way they were talking. FFS, I live in Denver where you can't drive a day without seeing a 3-series BMW.

The worst was the resource officer who patrolled the school (not some security guy; real city of Thornton Police Department officer) who said at the end-of-the-year party "Oh, are you the smart@ss fvcker who has that Bimmer? You little sh!t, I should tow that fvcker and drive it around."

Some days it really gets to me. Is anyone else getting sick of this?
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