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Originally Posted by DHK View Post
Causing cavitation in a liquid is very difficult. It requires a rapid change in pressure that just wont be experienced in a car's cooling system.

Having a 1 bar cap will have some negative effects. You will no be able to keep as much coolant in your car, and it boil at a lower temp.

These could both lead to problems, however weather either of these issues rise to a level where they could cause damage... I dont know.
Try spinning an impeller at 7000 RPM in water that is already close to its boiling point. You get cavitation. I've read of a couple of totally stock engines that would have this problem, none were BMW engines, but proof it happens without much difficulty.

Also, your statement that a different pressure cap will not allow you to keep more coolant in your car is not true. The cap has no effect on the volume of the system, so not sure what you mean by that.

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