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whats up gents.. long time

anyways, i emailed AE just to check, but getting a Topy wouldn't stop the shoes from being recrafted, right? I am going to be pissed if they say so since they aren't resoling anything.

i am having an issue and i think i'm going to have to see a podiatrist.... the left ball of my foot (my clutch foot) always ends up getting a small hole worn through much quicker than the rest of the shoe. my right foot, completely fine. i have no idea if i am walking weird or whatever, but its just weird that this happens to every friggin pair of dress shoes that i have.

anyways... my strands have a tiny hole in them so i'm going to see if they can just toss a topy over it, hopefully they still can. i'm not recrafting these things after 8 months of ownership
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