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well, i replaced the following and still have the "M clunk" in almost every gear when im pushing it.

- driveshaft
- differential
- gibo
- center support bearing
- differential bushings
- subframe bushings
- welded HPF subframe reinforcement kit
- all of the other bushings/bolts/bearings in the rear
- ZCP suspension components all around + mounts
- everything torqued according to specs

so at this point i give up...
getting used to this stupid clunk is a b1tch...makes me cringe all the time every time
and its annoying to have to explain that the car is fine every time someone asks if the rear is about to fall off

in fact, after almost a year of owning this car, i hate this "clunk" so much that i decided to save up for a daily driver
and have the ///M for weekend stuff because the sound is just too much for everyday driving since it takes away the pleasure
of owning otherwise awesome car

mine is SMG though and as long as i can "guess" when the car is about to shift and get off the throttle right before it does, there is no clunk.
in any case, i know this sounds more like a rant, but i guess im just putting things in perspective for you before you go all out chasing the source of that "clunk"
only to find out, after spending weeks under the car, that its supposedly a "normal" occurrence that stems from the design of differentials in our cars or w/e

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