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Originally Posted by WDE46 View Post
Interesting. Thanks for the insight. Your methods are pretty much valid, you just can't put a number on it. Do keep in mind though, that the change in pressure we calculated (about 0.3 bar) is probably enough to feel, as it is a 30% increase. Imagine feeling a bike tire at 30 psi then you bump it up to 40 psi. You can easily tell the difference. This may account enough for the difference you feel in the hose, but I can't be sure. Honestly, given the operating temperature, there is no way for the system to be over 1.3 atm when static, unless it is solid (which it is not).

Also, i need another piece of information. Where is the car's coolant temperature sensor located? Is it on the outflow from the block or is it after going through the radiator? This is a pretty big thing to know.
It's located on the lower radiator hose. Not sure which way the fluid flows - I've always imagined that the water flows into the radiator from that side, but I have no basis for that thought.

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