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I don't see why everyone is giving these kids so much trash? Their just young that doesn't mean they're not capable. I'm 19 in college with 2 jobs, yet when I was in highschool I used I buy junk cars on craigslist fix them and sell them for 2k. Sure enough I didn't drive a BMW back then but I was driving a 1983 camaro that sucked more money then my e46. I must have dropped well over 8k in that camaro, all with my own money. And as for contracts go, you don't need them if you have all of the cash in hand for a craigslist ad to check out a car. Instead of flaming on kids, even though I agree it's ridiculous to have a parent buy a BMW for a first car, stress on them maintenance. If they work for their money and it's all theirs going into the car and not mommy and daddy's bank account who cares. I know some 18 and 19 year olds that know way more about cars that people give them credit for because of their age.
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