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I already have 2x12's sub with an ampli and planning to replace my 10 yrs old speakers (6 including tweeters) plus an ampli and was quoted $250 for speakers plus $260 for the ampli installed, Is this a good deal,
You have to be a little more specific. What kind of speakers, how many, and does that include installation? The same goes for the amp quote. Is that the install alone? Or amp and install? Anytime you want to know if you are getting a decent deal compare the prices you are being quoted with reputable websites. The one place that should be on par dollar for dollar with local audio shops is Crutchfield.

They use what is called MAP pricing (minimun advertised price). If you go to the crutchfield website and look up your model speakers you will see what the map pricing for them is. Your audio shop should charge you no more than that. That does usually not include installation. Now, you can find the equipment cheaper on Sonic Electronix or Ebay, or Amazon, but you have to remember that the shop has to make a little money off of the equipment, so the mark up is understandable, as long as its within MAP pricing.

do i need the two rear deck speakers or i can disconnect it since i have already have subs? what do you think guys?
Ok.... We can get into a long and drawn out debate/conversation about this but I'm going to skip all of that and give you two pieces of advice. The first is this; music/sound quality is like beauty, it is in the ear of the beholder. So if it sounds good to you, then go for it. The second is my opinion on rear fill speakers. I personally love them and really like the way the make the inside of a vehicle sound. So yes, get new rear deck speakers. True audiophiles will tell you that that is cheating and it's not true stereo sound and blah, blah, blah. Hope this helps.
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