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Originally Posted by Stinger9 View Post
When do the gov regulations for our protection get to the point where the fees for a car or whatever get so high that they surpass the cost of the car? Only fifty people in the country will be able to afford cars, and they'll all be gov employees!
At some point it's beyond stupid.
I see your point, but regulations like these are okay. Sometimes these laws can be good as it forces manufacturers to invent new processes and materials for their cars. In some segments, progress would stagnate without government intervention. For example, in the US cars are going to be required to acheive 35 mpg in the future. This is pushing manufacturers to build engines capable of this. At first they complain, then they engineer around it. Just like catalytic converters in the 70s. Cars made in that era make next to no power (the 70s Corvette was slow as ****). However, today, engines are so much better and cats are too, that we make more power with 90% less emissions. I'm not saying the govt can't go too far, but for now, the practices are good.

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